We are a Modern Centre

Providing quality care since 2002 – Celebrating over 20 years of serving the Germiston, Kempton Park , Benoni and Pretoria Communities. We thank you for your support!.

Our Vision

The vision of Peermed is to be a leading provider of quality health care in Africa.


Our mission is to inspire hope and make a vital contribution to good health and the well-being of patients throughout Africa by providing the best care to every single patient through integrated clinical practice, continuous education and a focus on superior service. In addition, we endeavour to provide a professional environment to enrich the quality of life for all and fulfill our civil and social responsibilities in the communities that we serve.


Our Primary value is that “the needs of the patients come first”.  At Peermed, we continuously strive to provide superior Health care that is affordable.
Healthy and Safe Environment
Everyone has the right to a healthy and safe environment that will ensure their physical and mental health well-being, including adequate water supply, sanitation and waste disposal as well as protection from all forms of environmental danger such as pollution, ecological degradation or infection.
Participation in Decision-Making
Every citizen has the right to participate in the development of health policies and everyone has the right to participate in decision making affecting one’s health.
Access to Health Care
Everyone has the right of access to health care services which include:
  • Receiving timely emergency care at any health care facility that is open regardless of one’s ability to pay;
  • Treatment and rehabilitation that must be made known to the patient to enable the patient to understand such treatment or rehabilitation and the consequences thereof;
  • Provision for special needs in the case of newborn infants, children, pregnant women, the aged, disabled people, patients in pain and people living with HIV or Aids;
  • Palliative care that is affordable and efficient in cases that are incurable or terminal;
  • A positive disposition displayed by health care workers that demonstrates courtesy, dignity, patience, empathy and tolerance;
  • Health information that includes the availability of health services and how best to use such services and that shall be in the language understood by the patient.
Knowledge of One’s Health Insurance / Medical Aid Scheme
A member of a health insurance or medical aid scheme is entitled to information about that health insurance or medical aid scheme and to challenge, where necessary, the decisions of such health insurance or medical aid scheme relating to the member.
Choice of Health Services
Everyone has the right to choose a particular health care for services or a particular health facility for treatment provided that such choice shall not be contrary to the ethical standards applicable to such healthcare providers or facilities and the choice of facility that is in line with prescribed service delivery guidelines.
Treated by a Named Health Care Provider
Everyone has the right to know the person who is providing health care and therefore must be attended to by only clearly identified health care providers.
Confidentiality and Privacy
Information concerning one’s health, including information concerning treatment may only be disclosed with a patient’s consent, except when required in terms of any law or an order of the court.
Informed Consent
Everyone has the right to be given full and accurate information about the nature of one’s illnesses, diagnostic procedures, the proposed treatment and the costs involved for one to make a decision that affects any one of these elements.
Refusal of Treatment
A person may refuse treatment and such refusal shall be verbal or in writing provided that such refusal shall not endanger the health of others.
A Second Opinion
Everyone has the right to be referred for a second opinion on request to a health provider of one’s choice.
Continuity of Care
No one shall be abandoned by a health care professional worker or a health facility which initially took responsibility for one’s health.
Complaints about Health Services
Everyone has the right to complain about the health care and to have such complaints investigated and to receive a full response on such investigation.
Every Patient or Client has the following responsibilities:
  1. To take care of his or her health.
  2. To care for and protect the environment.
  3. To respect the rights of their patients, health workers and health care providers.
  4. To utilise the health care system optimally and to not abuse it.
  5. To know his or her local health services and what they offer.
  6. To provide health workers with relevant and accurate information for diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation or counselling purposes.
  7. To advise the health providers of their wishes with regards to death.
  8. To comply with the prescribed treatment and/or rehabilitation and to arrange for the payment.
  9. To enquire about the related costs of treatment and/or rehabilitation and to arrange for the payment thereof.
  10. To take care of health records in his or her possession.
Collectively, the members of Peermed possess a significant amount of intellectual capital and have substantial experience in all facets of health care management, inter alia:
  • Business management
  • Human resources in health care
  • Clinical management
  • Business accounting and finance
At Peermed, we are proud to be part of the African Economic and Cultural Revival. 
The Peermed Social Development Trust was created by us to assist historically disadvantaged children.
We strive to improve every aspect of their lives by providing funding for:
  • Secular and religious education
  • Boarding and lodging
  • Field trips
  • Free primary health care at our centres
We currently assist 42 children from as far afield as KwaZulu Natal!
“At Peermed we are passionate about building our future leaders and serving our community”
We are here to serve you! 
Peermed Clinics are renowned for their friendly atmosphere, and the key to this lies with our staff. Our teams of registered doctors, dentists, optometrists, radiographers, physiotherapists and nurses are carefully selected for their ability to ALWAYS put our patient’s needs first and for their strong work ethic.
Many of our team members live in the communities they serve, and thus have a deep commitment to serving their own!
Nursing – the “Heart” of Medicine
South Africa faces a dire shortage of nurses. Peermed has recognised this and has committed to establishing a nurses’ training facility within the Ekurhuleni community.
Care for the Carer
Peermed understands that nurses are the foundation of medical care. We have identified the need to provide competent, well-trained nurses who, in turn, provide very important care to patients.
“Providing skills – Creating Employment”

We are committed to serving our community in a professional manner
These values, which guide Peermed’s mission, also steer us towards the fulfilment of our vision.

At all times we treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families and our colleagues, with dignity and the utmost respect.

We provide the best compassionate care, treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy.

We continuously adhere to the highest standards of medical professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients place in us.

We focus on providing the patient with a superior service experience by offering top quality, affordable medical care that is conveniently.

We ensure transparency, accountability, rule-of-law, integrity and effectiveness in all our tasks. We believe that good governance is the key to sustainable success.

We inspire hope and nurture the well-being of our patients holistically, respecting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We value the contribution of all our members of staff and pride ourselves on blending our individual skills in unsurpassed collaboration.

We always deliver the most excellent outcomes and the highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team member.

We consistently contribute to social development in our areas of operation. We take pride in striving to uplift the well-being within the communities we serve.

We infuse and energise the whole organisation and enhance the lives of those we serve through the creative ideas and unique talents of each of our staff members.

“Peermed’s mission is guided by our values at all times.”

Proudly committed to your Health Care

We treat each of our patients with respect and dignity and we ensure their Privacy. Many of our patients have been with us for years, and we value these longstanding relationships.

Our Commitment to Superior Service

Peermed’s commitment to superior service and to world class health care has been recognised by businesses and patients alike. In 2008, we received the Kempton Square Customer Service award, and we continue to receive compliments and appreciation from our satisfied patients!